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Oct 6, 2012 12:30pm PDT
>> hello. welcome to "meet your district supervisor." we are here with supervisor carmen chu from district four, which includes the central and outer sunset and park side neighborhood. supervisor chu was elected to the board of supervisors in 2008 and reelected in 2010. we will get to know her and talk about the toughest issues facing the city. welcome, supervisor. thank you for joining us. let's start by talking about your background -- where you grew up, what kinds of jobs you have work. supervisor chu: my parents immigrated to the united states about 30 years ago, and i would say that is probably the most formative part of my background. growing up in an immigrant family, you learn many things. my parents raised me in southern california, and i grew up in the restaurant business. they had a small restaurant at the time, and i was there every weekend, working -- well, not working, eating. having a fried egg roll, wanton, something good. it taught me the value of working hard and what it meant to be part of a small business, a small business -- a small business, small family, and
Oct 22, 2012 6:00pm PDT
by david chu if he ever gets the legislation off the ground, he came to the neighborhood already about this and putting five on the agenda today, all of them basically surrounding district 6, so i'm wondering about the wisdom of the city of having an all day liquor license of granting five today. >> any other members of the public who would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public item is closed. do we have a motion? >> i would like to move it forward with recommendations. >> that would be the order, mr. clerk, can you slowly read item 1 so president chu can come from across the hall. >> item number 1, hearing to consider the issuance of a type 21 off-sale general liquor license to landmark retail group for cvs pharmacy located at 1059 hyde street. >> president chu, this one is in your district. >> i would like to first of all address i think the last comment of the public comment on the items for today on my count, there are two items in district 3 which are items 1 and 2 and both of them involve situations that the community and neighborhood groups i think are quite su
Oct 21, 2012 9:30pm PDT
reiterate what supervisor chu said before and there has been no response to this and if supervisor campos has a response, i would very much like to hear it. the city and government entitis are not in a position to swoop in and cut a check for cash and just buy up a property quickly. i wish we could do that. we can't. and we were able to do it it would be because of a fundamental change in the public process around the process of public monies and there would be cries, including from some members of board that it would be awful to spend public money to buy land without extensive public process. so i know mta did want to buy this property. it wasn't for sale at the time and some sort -- i think it was a reit, came in and cut a check for cash and mta couldn't have done that. they would have had to finance it anyway. and if you are selling property and you can sell it to someone for cash, that is often as a seller the better and more desirable way to go. so i think that mta did the best that they could do here. i think this is a good location for this facility. and although again i wish the r
Oct 28, 2012 10:30pm PDT
. >> it will come, if you could start speaking, go for it. >> yes. david chu made a point that the licenses were bought by cvs, here is one of the locations on poke not been bought off the abc website, it would have been updated, and also as you can see, it also states that the license has been surrendered so therefore i ask now legally the question of lower poke in their packet, the recommendation in january and in march, what i just showed you has been surrendered and it has one year in which it is to be purchased, it has not been purchased. part number 2, this is the second issue of the license being claimed to be bought which is not part of the conditions by abc, again, it does not show it's been bought by cvs. so, now i question who is still in the property -- or owner involved, cvs does not own it, misrepresentation here. i was at the meeting for january for lower poke and the community, we voted, but again when we went to the planning commission, the planning commission was concerned about this, this site and there was a big discussion about that in the planning commission w
Oct 24, 2012 11:30pm PDT
we start to review and i will be happy to work with supervisor chu, engage in some of these discussions with supervisor mar, we're looking at creating healthier retail spaces and i think that this is very much should be part of that discussion. so, i'm willing to move it to the next level. >> president chu? >> thank you, supervisor olague and let me say a couple of things on that point. this was not an ideal situation for the neighborhood which is why we spent many month toser negotiate and require cvs to take a number of liquor licenses out of problematic areas and i have stated to the neighborhood that i did not anticipate supporting another situation like this, at least within the polk street neighborhoods and i would be open to considering legislation if that is a direction that we want to go through as a city to state that for these types of entities, alcohol may not be appropriate, that is a conversation that would be for the future, but supervisor olague, i'm more than happy to work with your office on that, doi want to ask the project sponsor if you can address the c
Oct 2, 2012 2:00pm PDT
aye. chiu aye. supervisor chu aye. supervisor kim aye. supervisor mar aye. there are 10 ayes. >> the item is passed on the first treed and the resolution is adopted. item 4. >> item 4 is 120898, successor agency to the former redevelopment agency. implementing the state redevelopment dissolution law. >> item 4, supervisor olague. aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor avalos? aye. supervisor campos? no. president chiu? aye. supervisor chu aye. cohen aye. supervisor elsbernd? aye. supervisor kim? aye. supervisor mar? aye. there are 9 ayes and one no. >> the the ordinance is finally passed. item 5. >> item 5, ordinance appropriating $54 3.2 million from the proceed of sale of bonds for cap fail improvement projects to the airport commission for fiscal year 2012 through 2013 and placing appropriation and control is reserved pending the bond sale. >> roll call vote. >> on item 5, supervisor olague? aye. wiener? aye. supervisor avalos? aye. supervisor campos? aye. president chiu? aye. supervisor chu? aye. supervisor cohen? aye. supervisor elsbernd? aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. superviso
Oct 17, 2012 8:00am PDT
carmen chu, chair of the committee, i'm joined by supervisor john avalos, and jane kim, we have phil dillon, mr. young, do you have any announcements for us? >> yes, please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices, copies and any documents that should be part of the file should be submitted to the clerk, they will appear on the october 16, 2012 board of supervisor's agenda, unless otherwise stated. >> colleagues, item number 1 i'm not going to call just yet, they wanted to be here and present and answer questions, but they have a conflict at this moment, he will be later on in the meeting, item number 2? >> the resolution authorizing the director of public works to authorize the direct to have of public works to execute an amendment to the construction management services agreement with cooper pugeda management inc. for the laguna honda hospital replacement program. >> good morning, chair chu, john thomas, project manager for the laguna honda hospital replacement program, you have modification before you to increase the contract from 16.196 million to 16.805 million dollars to
Oct 25, 2012 11:30am PDT
chu, does the project sponsor have any comments before we move to public comment? please come forward if you do. >> good morning, supervisors, [inaudible] i think president chu has covered all the points except for one item that i want to cover as part of our due diligence for outreach, and this is nick bovis, the proprietor of the business, we did have an ongoing dialog with the upstairs commercial tenants would was complaining about the possibility of a noise leak from the entertainment from the gold dust lounge, the gold dust lounge at fisherman's bhar f has not commenced build o*ut yet and when it does, there are plans in place to do significant soundproofing and as you well known, an entertainment permit cannot be fully granted until the inspection is given from the city, so all the safeguards in place, we've done significant outreach to this particular tenant upstairs and another tenant e-mailed me back and said everything was fine as far as he was concerned so that's about it, this is nick bovis. >> i wanted to thank everybody for your support and help and the cause from [inaud
Oct 30, 2012 8:30pm PDT
chu. >> thank you, president chiu. colleagues, today i get the honor of bringing forward someone, a great resident in my district and someone who has been super active not only in our neighborhoods, but also in the mental health board and that's glenn ford. glenn, where are you? come on forward, lynn. (applause) >> colleagues, i'll let you know a little about lynn. she's a native californian, lived in san francisco since 1988. she's an attorney with the united states court, a mother of four. active in our community and on the cal hollow association board of directors and very interested in both brain health and hour owe science. on the mental health board lynn has worked to increase the board standards and content of mhb more engaging and directed. produce more professional annual reports. i think most importantly really worked tirelessly to make sure the interests of the mental health community are well represented not only in the district but across san francisco. she does a great service to her role in the mental health board ask lynn i want to thank you. you've been the district
Oct 16, 2012 2:00pm PDT
carmen chu and other representatives. our key goal is to develop a comprehensive wellness plan to address risks that can be modified through behavior change and to encourage participation and engagement. by working along side labor representatives, we begin to build solutions that everyone can buy into. and this is a key pillar of my philosophy for governing. in particular, i would like to recognize supervisor mark farrell for his outstanding leadership and collaborative approach in addressing this key issue. and i know that as we did with pension reform, we'll be able to work together to overcome this challenge and develop a plan that will address our long-term challenge of sustainably funding the commitments we have made. as well as developing ways to proactively address rising health care costs. as a final note while we can and we should and we will focus on consensus measures to address this challenge, i would also like to suggest that the board of supervisors is able to take measures now to address this issue. it is tempting to commit the entirety of today's resources to toda
Oct 3, 2012 5:00am PDT
carmen chu bho is sitting in for supervisor elsbernd, we're joined with supervisor compos, i would like to acknowledge and thank sfgtv staff for broadcasting today's hearing and our clerk is alisa miller, are there any announcements. er >> please shut off any cell phones, items upon the day will be ton october 16th board of supervisors agenda, unless otherwise stated. er >> would you call items 1, 2 and 3. >> they're involving hearings involving the civil grand jury report, including health care security ordinance, addressed concerns raise ined the report and to provide the board of supervisor's to the reports finagled and recommendations. >> thank you very much, just to be clear, we are holding a hearing as required on the super grand jury report, in addition, supervisor compos called for a hearing on that report and then we have to prepare our responses so we're calling these together since they are on the same subject, and the way i would like to proceed is first i will have supervisor compos make some opening remarks and my other colleagues would would like to do so will maer f
Oct 16, 2012 3:30pm PDT
. >> president chiu. >> chue aye. >> supervisor chu. >> aye. >> supervisor cohen, aye, >> there are eleven ayes. >> item 29 a motion appointing annemarie fortier, susana russo and sharie o'neill, >> same house, same call. >> motion approved item 30. >> motion appointing paul giussi to the graffiti advisory board. >> same house, same call, item approved. >> >> item 31 is approved. >> item 32 is a motion appointing bruce oka term ending april 27th 2013 to the sunshine ordinance task force. >> colleagues same house same call. this motion is approved. item 33. >> item 33 is a motion apointing supervisor eric mar term ending november 28,2013 to the california state association of counties board of directors. >> colleagues do we have a motion to , second and without objection, roll call vote. >> on all right 33, supervisor elsbernd? >> aye. >> elsbernd aye. >> supervisor farrell? >> aye. >> aye. >> supervisor kim? >> kim aye. >> supervisor olague? >> olague aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> wiener aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> avalos aye. >> supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. >> presi
Oct 26, 2012 11:30am PDT
on in your district? supervisor chu: our district again has so many families, and we think about how we plan for the future and make sure that the next generation has the amenities that we do not have right now, and we have got a new poll that has recently opened up that we are so happy about -- we have a new pool that has recently opened up that we are so happy about. it is already well utilize. we have two playgrounds currently in the process of being remodeled in addition to a brand-new library that is opening up. we are very excited about what this means for the many kids and families who use the library, go to the parks and plate, and who really just utilize those public services. there are many exciting changes, and we are happy to see them open up. >> what is the playground remodel? what does that look like? supervisor chu: we have playgrounds that were built so many years ago that had our senate in the wood, if you can imagine that. some of the swing sets were breaking apart. we have stand still, some people would find broken glass and other things in the sand, so with th
Oct 20, 2012 10:00pm PDT
office of small business. that was combined workshop with supervisor carmen chu and s.f. bar association which we recorded and is being aired cyclically on sfgov. >> was there anybody from the building department? >> at that particular presentation, no. >> with regard to that, i mean not to -- why wouldn't we have representation there from the dbi, ma'am? >> that was probably an oversight in relationship to the coordination of the program with the sf bar association and not communicating all the different departments that may need to be there to represent and provide information. >> okay. just, you know, looking down the road here, we're all in this one together. we have a huge role to play and it's frustrating for us because we want to do all the right things. information is power, power is information to us. what is going on with the other departments so we're all on the same page with this, i don't know if any other commissioners want to weigh in on this, but it's very important. if we're to be successful and taken serious we genuinely want to resolve these issues that the
Oct 1, 2012 3:00am PDT
rosenfield. controller. you described that exactly right, supervisor chu. the board will often prove authorization for a contract that extends, for example, over multiple years. the charter requires the controller's office to ensure the city departments can't encumber that contract until the board has additionally appropriated funds to support it. in the case of a multi-year contract authorization for example we only allow the department to encumber funds one fiscal year at a time as you appropriate funds to meet that contract. so that secondary control you are talking about does exist and we do administer it and would apply in this case. the board could approve the authorization that is requested here. we would only allow the department to encumber the piece of the contract for which they had funds in hand and for which the board has approved an appropriation. to the extent additional appropriations become available, in essence it allows the mta to order the last items on the menu that would exist within the authorization you would have provided. >> thank you. so why don't we go to
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
president david chu here and supervisor mali ya cohen, and they introduced and passed a compromise version of the legislation that went into effect earlier this year in 2012, that legislation in my view and we believe that the reports from both the civil grand jury and the office of labor standards and enforcement will demonstrate this, that that compromised legislation that was passed and introduced well intended as it was in our estimation did not close the loop haom, it leaves the loophole within the health and security ordinance because it still allows employers as we always said it would to place restrictions on how the money is used and even though the legislation requires that an employer collect surcharges that the money be spent on health care, the requirement doesn't do anything that is not already prohibited from and required by existing law. there are in the books consumer protection laws that make it clear that if you collect money from consumers for one purpose, you're supposed to spend it on that purpose, and yet as you will see in these reports, the issues that we i
Oct 23, 2012 5:00pm PDT
obama's cabinets has dr. steven chu. the very first asian-american -- as ambassador to the republic of china. we have a lot of accomplishments. it was not that accident, my friends. everyone of you know that you work hard. all these things are done on purpose. i want to let you know that we also can boast twice as many asian-americans on federal benches. those of us to understand the impact of the supreme court and what it can do or on june, we know that having asian-americans on the federal bench is a line up for appointments to the supreme court. thank you very much for this opportunity. i want to say that silicon valley is the birthplace of high-tech. silicon valley is the birthplace of norm. five minutes? thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, congressmen. we would have extended the five minutes if we got a karaoke's song. >> this event would have not been possible by the financial contributions of our sponsors. we want to thank chevron corp., wells fargo, mcdonald's, academy of arts university, at&t, southwest airlines. if you have not entered their raffled yet, do so la
Oct 23, 2012 11:00am PDT
secretary, if we can roll >> commissioner >> present. >> commissioner chu >> carmen chuy. commissioner cohen >> commissioner elsbernd >> present. >> commissioner >> commissioner >> present. >> vice chair wiener. we have quorum. >> please call item two. approval of the minutes. >> before we take action to this item. is there a member of the public that would like to speak on item two? seeing none. public comment is closed. colleagues, you have the minutes of the meeting before you. if we can take a motion to approve the minutes. motion by commissioner avalos. seconded by commissioner farrell. we will take that without objection. >> on item two. roll call. campos, >> roll call taken. item passes. >> if you can please call item number three. >> report, this is an information item. thank you very much. colleagues i have a very brief report today. we had two significant transportation events. on october 11th, we hosted the u.s. secretary of transportation, ray lahood as well as our house minority leader, nancy pelosi at at ceremony to mark the approval of the federal government grant for th
Oct 17, 2012 11:00am PDT
>>> good morning. welcome to the regular meeting of the budget and finance committee, carmen chu, joined by supervisor kim. supervisor avalos is unfortunately tied up at a bay quality air quality management meeting. i would like to entertain a motion to excuse him. our clerk is mr. victor young. at sfgtv we have mark bunch and jesse larson. announcements? >> yes. please silence cell phones and devices. complete speaker cards and documents to be included as part of the file to be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will be on the october 23rd, 2012 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much. just going back to the earlier comments, supervisor avalos unfortunately is tied up at the bay air quality district and will not be able to attend in time. do we have a motion to excuse? >> motion to excuse. >> we have the motion. without objection. call item one, please. >> one, resolution authorizing recreation and parks to accept and expand habitation grant in amount of 163,587 from california department of parks and recreation for glen canyon loo
Oct 22, 2012 6:30pm PDT
i would like to move this to committee -- move this out of committee. >> president chu? >> this is not a formula retail establishment, this is a one of a kind establishment and i certainly think there are element tos the gold dust lounge which are historic, that being said, given the rules that we have, it wasn't deemed such and needed to move, but i do hope and believe that this is an establishment that will soon become a neighborhood favorite and from my perspective, i think it's important for the fisherman's wharf community that only sees tourist community tho have a handful of places where local residence and is people can go, and this is in part why i support this move, so with that, i appreciate supervisor olague's support and hope the committee will be able to move this in regard with recommendation. >> mr. clerk, we'll take supervisor olague's motion to move this in regard. can you please read this. >> hearing to consider that the transfer of a type 48 on-sale general public premises license from 247 pow we will street to a 165 jefferson street. >> good morning, president c
Oct 4, 2012 12:00am PDT
chiu? david chiu absent. carmen chu? present. elsbernd absent. [speaker not understood]. commissioner mar? olague absent. commissioner westerner? wiener? >> present. >> please call item number 2. >> item 2 is approval of minutes of the july 24, 2012 meeting. >> there is an action item. is there a member of the public that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment for item 2 is closed. you have before you the approval of minutes for the july 24 meeting. [speaker not understood]. can we take that without objection? without objection. item number 3? >> chair's report, this is a commission item. >> i have a brief report today. this is our first meeting coming back from the legislative recess of the san francisco board of supervisors. i just want to make a couple of notes. first, on september 14th, a number of us, specifically commissioners carmen chiu, christin a olague and scott wiener were on the regional transportation plan which was actually held at the county transportation authority's offices. we had a very interesting discussion. the discussion involved members of abag and o
Oct 20, 2012 2:00am PDT
bit ago by the executive director from the small business commission about supervisor chu's legislation which did get modified into a series of notifications to make sure commercial landlords leasing property to small businesses inform the small businesses about compliance issues that may exist in that particular building. the mayor did sign that legislation on the 7th of september so we expect that will become officially legal as of the 8th of october. so, that has passed with moving into operation. also in that same category, supervisor david chu's legislation dealing with on-site water reuse, you may remember that's for commercial buildings, multi-family buildings and mixed use buildings for commercial purposes, is a voluntary program to try and model on the new headquarter building for the sfpuc to have people conserve more water. that also has passed unanimously and will take effect i believe in the second week of october. the efficiency legislation that supervisor weaner has had pending for awhile remains pending. the board may take a final second reading and vote on t
Oct 9, 2012 7:00am PDT
is carmen chu. why don't we get started. with a marking up with the department of small business -- we have been working with the department of small business. this project started when we heard from neighborhood merchants. unfortunately, they had access issues, visibility access issues. we have been working closely with many of our partners year today to educate about these -- many of our partners year today to educate about these issues. also in terms of board guidance. i want to thank all of you for coming. many of you may have assistance. i know many merchants could not be here. please do it share this information with other merchants in the area. we have virginia from the office of small business. we have roger from the bar association. no carla johnson from the office of disability. -- we have carla johnson from the office of disability. i want to especially it acknowledge my colleague to help us get the resources and brought legal expertise to the table. i do not want to take too much of your time. thank you for coming. >> thank you, supervisor chu. i want to express my ad
Oct 27, 2012 2:00pm PDT
mayor lee as well. board president david chu, jed, mr. silverstein. thank you. how lucky are we? over the past few weeks we have seen america's cup, fleet week, giants home games, 49ers and countless other festivals. as we sit here a few hours from another great day of san francisco sports, with the 9ers hosting the seahawks, going to beat them. hosting the cardinals in st. louis and winning game four. today we can celebrate the bid for the next super bowl in san francisco and bay area. as has been mentioned the super bowl is a world class event and deserves a world class city and world class region to host it. as a kid who grew up here in san francisco and in the fall to trek every sunday to candlestick park to watch the 49ers play, now this is such an exciting time that we get to have the chance to host the event that we only got to watch on tv for the past few decades. what an incredible time for our city. even if the super bowl's played down the road in santa clara, for us, these are the san francisco 49ers. always have been, always will be. san francisco 49er fan also be so
Oct 7, 2012 9:30am PDT
state..[reading].. tax collector. >> excuse me, president chu, are you specifying this recommendation will not be implemented? >> correct, for recommendations 1, 2 and 3. with recommendation 3, the finding should be that the board of supervisors defers to the district attorney's ongoing investigation, the board does have the power to require to pursue recommendations so this recommendation cannot be implemented by the board. going to the findings related to employer's health reimbursement accounts, finding number 8, disagree, and for this, the board of supervisors refers to the olse's response, the analysis of the 2010 annual reporting forms provides that employers allocated to health care reimbursement perhaps, flexible spending accounts, savings accounts, medical savings accounts, the 12 thousand dollars reports the amount..[reading].. from all of those types of accounts, the annual reporting form does not ask the employer's what happened, these allocation and is reimbursements were reported by 2019ed and 16 employers who submitted the annual reporting form to the ols
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 357 (some duplicates have been removed)